Georgos Liolios

George Liolios

Shadows in the city

The reenactment of the persecution of Jews in the city of Veroia

Ignoring or trying to hide this city’s Jewish past, unveils a notion of public guilt and racial arrogance. For a long time now, we have forgotten how it is and how it feels to coexist with the others. Nevertheless, the coexistence reality comes back as powerful and necessary as never before. I am afraid that if we don’t soon realize that this city equally belongs to the Christians, as well as to the Jews and the Muslims, the threat of the social cul-de-sac and the loss of the cultural heritage will rapidly become colossal.   By using the holocaust survivors’ testimonies, this book attempts to reenact the persecution of the Greek-Jews of the city of Veroia, during the German occupation, which ultimately led to the death of hundreds of people in the crematories of Auschwitz/ Birkenau. However, it also led to the eventual loss of this city’s idiosyncrasy.

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